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One third of travelers say they regret not spending more time planning exciting events into their vacations. We can help you be in the right place at the right time. Stop missing out the traditional and local events when you’re in town!

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Festima Mask Festival 2020

Eccentric wild dancing of antelopes, hares, alligators, ducks, monkeys, snakes, turtles. Hypnotizing, beguiling rhythms. Exuberant, vivid colors. Blazing sun and scorching air. A world of transcendence or another dimension. This is the International Festival of Masks and Arts (Festival International des Masques et des Arts), more known as Festima. Probably when you hear the word […]

Juhannus (Midsummer) 2020

What is the biggest holiday in Finland? Christmass, Easter?…Nah. Juhannus or Midsummer is the most anticipated holiday in Finland. It is very probable that you also celebrate Midsummer in your country or something similar to it. However, in Finland, the celebration goes way different from what you may expect. Officially Juhannus can be called Midsummer, […]

Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi 2020

Devils parade through the streets, shake maracas and beat drums. It looks like all the evil came out from Inferno to mischief and have fun among people. But no, in fact, it is Venezuela’s one of the biggest catholic holidays – Corpus Christi, renowned all over the world for devil masked frantic dancing. The idea […]

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