Juhannus (Midsummer) 2020

What is the biggest holiday in Finland? Christmass, Easter?…Nah. Juhannus or Midsummer is the most anticipated holiday in Finland. It is very probable that you also celebrate Midsummer in your country or something similar to it. However, in Finland, the celebration goes way different from what you may expect. Officially Juhannus can be called Midsummer, […]

Las Fallas 2020

The smell of gunpowder, the earsplitting explosions of firecrackers, enormously huge effigies burning in flickering and dancing inferno flames. What is that? The revolution? The apocalypse?  This is the most quirky, glowing and roaring festival in Valencia, Spain – Las Fallas! THE ROOTS OF LAS FALLAS The origin of Las Fallas is a bit vague. […]

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake 2020

There are so many hilarious stereotypes about British people, some of them true, but most of them are false. And when the whole world sees British as reserved, tight-lipped and calm, I can argue about it. I will prove the British are not emotionally dead, they can be upset, excited and even crazy. Don’t believe […]

Snowbombing Festival 2018

Austria is a stunning country with endless possibilities. You can go to the ball in Vienna, or explore the picturesque countryside and enjoy the fascinating mountain landscape. This country is in the top list of best countries for unforgettable vacation. However, if you want to enrich your mundane life with the incredible fusion of top-notch […]

Valborgsmässoafton (Valborg) 2020

“In the meadows our dreams will ring And the winds will sing our songs. Let us leap over the fires with the sparks On Walpurgis Night!” On the last day of April, when the sun goes down, the door to another world opens. This is a night when spirits walk between people when the air […]

The Beltane Fire Festival 2020

Fire along with water,  earth, and the air is considered to be one of the eternal parts of the world. It appears in various cultures, numerous legends, and myths. At the same time, you can find the fire as an inseparable part of many celebrations dedicated to the changing of the seasons, when the frosty […]

The King’s Day (Koningsdag) 2020

 FOLLOWING RULES OR LETTING LOOSE? Amsterdam is a popular touristic spot. Myriads of people from all over the world swarm the city every day for different reasons. Since Amsterdam is advertised as the city where everything is allowed, some people call it a paradise for drugs and sex. And, surely there is some truth in […]

Battle of The Oranges 2020 (Battaglia delle Arance)

Ciao! Welcome to the romantic country of  Italy with its wealth of delightful food, superb wine, and grandeur of architecture from which you simply can’t take your eyes off. There are at least one hundred reasons, why one should visit Italy. One of these reasons is its outstanding festivals. You’ve probably heard about Carnevale di […]

Venice Carnival 2020

 “Parade in crinoline and lovers in disguise: Mysterious, opulent, lascivious Carnival!” -Mihaela Pirjol Venice Carnival, what was your first thought, first association? Mirrors of water, old roads that lead you to get lost in narrow streets, the grandeur of mysterious architecture,  people that hide their personalities behind masks,  music, and dancing soaked in history, that […]

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